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About Rope Access

Industrial rope access is the child of mountaineering and caving in a more secure and massive form – as our main goal is carrying out our tasks successfully -, in order for high and hard to reach places become easily accessible.

The technique allows climbing, descending, lateral movement, making scaffolding, scissor or basket lifting unnecessary. It is not a neglectable factor that in most cases industrial alpinism is faster, cheaper, and in some cases the only access mode.

An industrial alpinist must work with at least 2 ropes (a main and an insurance rope), and their connections have to be located at different points. A rupture protection system must be installed on every person’s insurance rope, thereby securing the worker in case the main rope becomes damaged or ruptures.

Base criteria:

  • two ropes per person, separate connection points
  • all workers must have a rupture protection system
  • every tool or item which is used during work must be attached to the straps or to the podium, thereby avoiding injuries caused by falling objects
  • at least two alpinists must work together, so in case of accidents or rescues they can help each other
  • regular and thorough inspection of equipment

Industrial rope access makes it possible to assemble, review, paint, maintain bridges, factories, wind power plants, towers, chimneys, buildings, etc…

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