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You arrived at the webpage of Laszlo Nagy and Norbert Kiss, alpine technique entrepreneurs. We would like to introduce our company, our activities and industrial rope access itself.

The company founders:

Laszlo Nagy

I was born in the eastern part of the country, Debrecen in 1979. After finishing my studies, I was an important turning point in my life which was parachuting as a soldier. It lead me to the discovery that I will always need the exhilaration of height. In 2000 it was straight forward for me to move into the ''not so known'' world of Industrial Climber. Successful compleation of my certification, I soon felt this diverse profession as my own…

I can bravely say that with two children and a wonderful wife on my side, my faith has become even stronger that as a young man that I have chose the right career path.

Norbert Kiss

I was born in 1983 in Borsod, near the city of Miskolc. The Hungarian roots of mountain and rock climbing originate from here. I met this fantastic activity in the ''climbing school'' of Lillafüred-Felsőhámor.

After I finished my studies, Industial Climbing was an income opportunity for me, later this became a form of living, and now a profession.


More than 10 years of trade practice, we thought that we will capitalize on our experience for our own purposes, and we found our own company.


During the years we have been presented with many types of tasks and challenges. We can proudly say that our activities move on a very diverse spectrum. As of now, we already have a number of successful projects behind us, which contributed to the reputation of our company and the Hungarian industrial climbers.

Telecommunications to painting, ironwork installation to wind power plant inspections we pride ourselves with many successful jobs (see our Profile) which have all contributed to the fact that we take our profession as a calling…

Our goal for Vector Rope Access is to become the first Hungarian founded enterprise that can function at a European and world-wide quality level.


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